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"AULA Blues club" is located in the vaulted mediaeval premises of Vilnius University, in the cellar of beer kitchen restaurant "AULA" (more information about this restaurant you can find in its website www.aularestoranas.lt). Henceforth restaurant „AULA“ is adorable place not only for food, but also for music gourmets. You can find this club in the heart of the Vilnius old town, Pilies street, between the Cathedral and the town hall. During summer time "AULA Blues club" from the cellar moves to Stuokos Guceviciaus yard and offers open air parties and live music concerts.
Three music styles (jazz, blues and rock) are united in „AULA Blues club“. This project designed for people who like live music or want to relax in democratic atmosphere. Moreover, in the club not only live music concerts take place, but also, Jazz/Blues/Rock art is encouraged.  Most of the concerts in "AULA Blues club" are for free.
First of all "AULA" is a blues club so blues music concerts take the most important place in our programme. Regularly on "AULA Blues club" stage one can find well - known Lithuanian blues bands as well as brands from abroad.
Today Lithuania is rich in most jazz styles and trends: from dixieland to experimental compositions. This music style is very popular in Lithuania so during jazz nights "AULA Blues club" is full of jazz admirers.
Moreover, from time to time "AULA Blues club" presents sung poetry evenings where young Lithuanian artists and famous proffesional bards popularise this style of music. Sung poetry is a broad and imprecise music genre used to describe songs consisting of a poem (most often a ballad) and music written specially for that text.
Usually all concerts start at 20:00 h.
Live music club "AULA Blues Club" - Pilies street 11, Vilnius Email. info@bluesclub.lt, Tel (8 5) 268 7173
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